I have lived in different places such as Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Zurich, Mexico City and Dubai. By living in these cities, I learned that there are many ways to see life and understand it. Knowing, observing, and not knowing, all without judgement.

When I decided, years ago, to leave the legal world behind and enter the art world, I chose to take on the role of an anonymous spectator of the cultures and people I found along the way, which were unified through universally shared emotions, and the inner world of human beings.

The ‘woman’ who appears in my artwork is the channel I use to represent myself, reflecting these feelings.

My work aims to provide a beautiful interpretation of reality through imperfection and asymmetry. Therefore the women are imperfect, just like in real life—perhaps with a touch of melancholy, but always full of hope and strength. I focus on the importance of the little things in everyday life through my work, and try to put a smile on people's faces when they look at my art.

A brief sketch of my CV

April 2021

My gallery, Silvia & the Spyglass, opened in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain.

June 2020

Exhibition at Alserkal Cultural Foundation, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

May - September 2019

Exhibition, Seasons of Tolerance, held at The Cartoon Art Gallery, Dubai, attended by the Director of Theatres and the Director of Programmes and Associations of the Dubai Ministry of Tolerance.

April 2019


April 2018

Exhibition, inside job, at The Art Corner Gallery, Mexico City.

October 2017

Exhibition, Whimsical women: the rich variety & complexity of female facets in an amusing way, at Juliana Home, Mexico City.

July 2017

Exhibition, Experiences, at the Montjuic Cultural Centre, Barcelona, Spain.

October 2015

Exhibition, Experiences, at the Galeria Domus Romana, Rome, Italy.

October 2015

Speaker at the annual AWE SUMMIT (Awesome Women Entrepreneurs), Zürich, Switzerland.

October 2015

Lecturer and exhibition on Female entrepreneurship and art, organised by ESADE, Zürich, Switzerland.

March 2015

Exhibition at the Dr. Med Art Museum. OLIVER SGNICA, Zürich, Switzerland.

October 2014

Exhibition at the annual AWE SUMMIT (Assertive Women Entrepreneurs), Zürich, Switzerland.

November – December 2013

Exhibition, International art mail project, at the Spanish Language Cultural Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

August 2013 - July 2016

I exhibited my work exclusively in my own gallery in Zürich, Switzerland.

May 2013

Performance titled “YOEXPONGOen… el REINA” as part of an artistic project by the collective YOEXPONGO, International Day of Museums, Madrid, Spain.

May 2012

Exhibition at NAU IVANOW, organised by the BRIC Art/Project cultural association, Barcelona, Spain.

April 2012

Exhibition at the Ruf Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland.

October 2006, Barcelona

A key moment for me when I came back from Lisbon. In Barcelona I found the perfect place to develop as an artist, giving a new direction to my professional life. I resumed my painting studies, attending several workshops. It was in the Mediterranean where I exhibited my work for the first time, and my confidence as an artist grew.