Mi experiencia de arte inmersiva da el salto a la gran pantalla en formato cortometraje de animación que se exhibirá en los 4 Cines del Grupo SADE:

My immersive art experience hits the big screen in the shape of a short animated film exhibitiing at the 4 multi-cinemas sites of Grupo SADE

From 26th May world premier of silvia and the spyglass animated short film, hiting the big screen.Silvia’s art is an ode to women empowerment and her journey has been amazing, from canvas to VR/3D and now to the big screen. We are greatful to our technological partner and Marc Colomines and to our exhibitor partner SADE Cines and Iñaki Elorza for believing on this beautiful trip to a world of emotions that will awake questions about beauty on imperfection, the importance of small things and to dream life to live it in all its colors.Cines Principe, Antiguo Berri, Trueba...

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Mi experiencia de arte inmersiva en VR pre-seleccionada en el MADATAC 12th Festival

My immersive art experience in VR shortlisted at MADATAC 12th Festival

 silvia and the spyglass immersive art experience in VR has been shortlisted at MADATAC [Biennial of New Media Art & Digital Technologies], an internationally renowned Festival, 12th editions, an iconic, pedagogical event specialized in the dissemination of the art of new digital media, with a long history in Madrid. MADATAC aims to serve as an exchange, disemination, exhibition, production and knowledge of disruptive and immersive proposals in which artists, technicians, scientists and educators are working, in order to articulate innovative proposals of the language of the new digital and audiovisual media and interrelate art, science, technology and creative processes connected...

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